Juggling a strenuous work schedule, motherhood, and the stress of everyday life can be more than Exhausting...I absolutely depend on my sessions with Lila for restoration, relaxation, and a revival of my energies. A truly healing experience.
Arunditi Xantus, MD

Lila turned me on to massage. I never used to like getting a massage, but Lila is so knowledgeable, physically capable, and such a delight, now I'm addicted!  Four other family members are her regular clients, and I continue to refer Lila to people looking for a reliable, well-trained massage therapist.
~Romina Cuzensa- Interthinx

Lila Saint-Denis is an exceptionally skilled and caring massage therapist.  She takes great effort to provide the highest level of service and exhibits the utmost professionalism.  Lila was able to find and alleviate the tension in my muscles, as well as provide advice on how to listen to my body's signals and avoid injury.  Don't wait, book her!
~Melanie Smart, Personal Organizer

Lila is an expert massage therapist! She seems to know instinctively where the "trouble spots" are and does a great job working out the "kinks". Her techniques balance the use of strong therapeutic moves and gentle manipulation which leaves me feeling totally relaxed yet rejuvenated after one of her amazing sessions. I only wish I lived closer to her to be able to get a weekly massage! 
~Deborah Tsacrios, Maternity Nurse

I highly recommend Lila as the best massage therapist that lives in Los Angeles! As an avid massage lover, I've had hundreds of massages but Lila's techniques separate her from the rest. She has a strong and experienced pressure. Her sports rehab knowledge makes her massages effective, harmless and ahhhmazingly relaxing. After her massages I felt like I had released hundreds of pounds of muscle tension and felt light as a bird. If you want a therapist who really knows their art, book a massage with her!
~Tyaga Hebel- Owner of Rebel Fitness

The gift in receiving a massage from you is experiencing the power of loving intention. You are blessed with healing qualities, and graced with angelical hands.Guided by compassion and intuition, your touch is truly beautiful.
~Eliot Ferrer, CMT

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